Loudenne Les Rives
du Château Médoc red

The cuvée Les Rives du Château is the smaller brother of the estate. Often defined as second wine, it is far more than that. The grapes are harvested from youthful vines, they may certainly lack the tannins to produce the château’s wine, but they are more rounded, more fruity, more charming.


Loudenne Les Rives
du Château
Médoc red


The wines are produced with the same attention to detail as the château’s wines.
The bunches of grapes are sorted on arrival and transferred to the tanks without being pumped.
The vinification is carried out separately for each grape varietal and each parcel in stainless steel or thermoregulated concrete tanks.
The pressing is done using a smaller vertical Bucher press.
The ageing is done for the most part in tanks to seek the fruit characteristics of the young vines, and for a marginal time in Bordeaux French oak barrels.

Nose, eye, palate

The Cuvées Les Rives du Château have a brilliantly deep and intense ruby red colour.
The nose is charming with ripe red fruits associated with notes of wood that are complex but clean cut.
We also remark toasted notes, of chocolate and coffee.
The attack is supple with a fruity finish sublimed by soft tannins.


Serve between 18 to 20°C

Guard time

Enjoy young or within the first 10 years, some great vintages may age even longer.


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