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How to knot your tie

How to knot your tie

Elegance is an art that Loudenne has always cultivated with passion… and the Windsor tie is surely the most elegant tie knot there is -the perfect knot for special dinners and occasions…



Classic, butterfly, crossed, Onassis… There are many ways to knot a tie but the most classic surely is the British Windsor tie. Made popular by the Duke of the same name during the thirties, it is a symbol of refinement with its shape and perfect balance. To do this knot, you need to use a long, narrow tie and choose a shirt with a loose collar, such as the full spread or far cutaway. Now it’s time to practice.

1- First of all, slip your tie around your neck after closing your shirt and putting your collar up. Both sides of the tie should be placed in an asymmetric position, the wider part should be longer than the other one. Then cross the wider part over the other.

2- Keeping them crossed, make a loop by bringing the longer side under the tie and out back over the top.

3- Next pass the longer part to the other side under the cross.

4- Make a loop with the wider side of the tie then bring it back on the top.

5- Bring the longer side of the tie horizontally over the shorter.

6- Bring the larger part vertically under the tie. Smooth it down and slide the larger part slide in the loop. Then, holding the shorter part pull smoothly the longer one to tighten the tie. Center the knot at the top and in the center of the collar.

imae sortis


A tie knot looks even better with a dimple -you know, the little curve just above the knot? To achieve this, place your fingers both at the top center and underneath the knot while you pull and tighten the tie.