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An exceptional terroir

Loudenne, an untamed vineyard

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“I remember a cellar master I met here in Médoc who told me secretly that all of the best land faces the river… I remember the estuary’s unique and wild landscape and the chill I felt with my first glass of Loudenne… I remember these wines, with their distinctive personalities…”

Throughout my travels, I have discovered that there are places that are particularly well suited to growing grapes.
Such is the case for the Loudenne vineyards, which border the Gironde estuary. According to the cellar master, this closeness truly acts like a thermal regulator: the proximity of the Atlantic Ocean gives the vineyards a temperate, oceanic climate.
These magical vineyards, overlooking the estuary, are what give Loudenne all of its personality.

Magical vineyards overlooking the estuary

Located 6 kilometers from Saint-Estèphe, the Loudenne vineyards stretch over two large gravelly hillsides that overlook the river. The grapes are lucky to be grown in soils whose surface layers are full of centuries-old gravel and whose lower layers are dense with clay.
Loudenne is an area measuring 326 acres, 153 of which are vineyards. There are 114 acres of Médoc Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and Cabernet Franc, 30 acres of Bordeaux Blanc, Sauvignon Blanc, and Sauvignon Gris, and 9 acres of Bordeaux Rouge. Its wines come in two colors: red and white.

It was when the time came to taste the wines from Loudenne that I could gauge the quality of the work that had been undertaken over the preceding months in the vineyards and the cellar. It is work that perfectly blends passion and precision and that keeps with the tradition and know-how that have been responsible for Loudenne’s quality and reputation for 300 years.
All of the flavors were present, each varietal adding its own touch: the Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Sauvignon Blanc, Sémillon…
From powerful, well-structured reds to dry whites that are relatively rare in Médoc, all aged in oak barrels…
Each playing a harmonious and vibrant part with perfect pitch.

About our wines

Our wines

The Legacy

The Château

A range of refined wines, an homage to the estate and to its uniqueness

  • A powerful and balanced Médoc red

    A beautiful and elegant vin de garde… both powerful and spicy with an intense and complex nose of red berries with underlying notes of vanilla and toast.

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  • An uncommon dry and fruity white Bordeaux

    White wines produced in Médoc are rarely dry. White, fermented and aged for eight months in oak barrels, it has been a symbol of Loudenne since 1880.

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    Chic & social

    Les Folies

    A range of bold, celebratory, stimulating wines

  • A full-bodied red Bordeaux with a fruity nose

    A wine that is rich and pleasant on the palate with a beautiful red cherry color and a fruity nose with slightly woody and vanilla notes.

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  • A white Bordeaux characterized by its intensity and crispness

    A wine with a beautifully pale and vibrant yellow color and a nose dominated by the Sauvignon with strong citrus notes.

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