Environmental Responsability

A château converting to organic viticulture

At Château Loudenne nature is master and we respect it here more than anywhere. In this stunning environment proffered by the vines and the Gironde Estuary, this magnificent place deserves our every respect to conserve its pristine condition.

Many animals visit our estate, hares, rabbits, sheep, horses and even storks honour us with their presence. We consider it a point of honour to protect them, they are an integral part of the ecosystem at the château and in the vineyards.

It is for this very reason that Château Loudenne is currently converting to organic farming (ECOCERT certification). Our team at Loudenne take great care of our vineyards to protect our biodiversity, our precious ecosystem and of course our consumers. Today we maintain the grass between each row and till the soil under the rows instead of using weed killers, we use only natural fertiliser, all dangerous and synthetic treatments have been prohibited in favour of natural and organicly certified products. All these methods have enabled us to banish bad practice in the vineyards and evolve in harmony with nature.

Since 2017 Loudenne is also certified at the highest level awarded by OCACIA : « Haute Valeur Environnementale » Level 3, (High Environmental Value – Level 3). This approach, complimentary to the organic certification, attests environmental excellence in protecting biodiversity, resource management (water, energy . . .) and waste management (effluents, recycling . . .).

The salt meadows belonging to Château Loudenne are classified Natura 2000. These meadows are reserved for extensive cattle and sheep farming, i.e. few animals in freedom on large open spaces.

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