History : 350 years of history

The estate : a lively and elegant place

Loudenne also has a glittering history spanning 350 years. A prestigious pas which has much to do with two British wine merchants: Alfred and Walter Gilbey. In 1875, these two lovers of the good life and all things beautiful decided to make the property their French home. Loudenne’s harbour facilitated the shipping of their wines by sea to London and to their distribution hubs around the world. They built ultramodern cellars for their time and modelled the park in the English style. For 125 years the Gilbey family, then the company they created, would build the vineyard’s fame and make Loudenne a lively and elegant place hosting unmissable parties.

We enjoy gathering here, in an atmosphere full of romance and freedom, to dine, party, dance and live to the rhythm of the charleston, jazz, waltz or Foxtrot.

And, even today, it is enough to close your eyes to imagine the château’s rooms some years before . . . luxurious lace, silky satin, feathers and parasols for the ladies . . . tailored suits, hats and beautiful cars for the gentlemen . . . Elegance is an art that Loudenne has always cultivated with passion.

The château, known locally as a chartreuse was built in 1670 by a noble family from Bordeaux.
Due to the colour of its walls it is known in the Médoc as “THE Pink Château”.

The vineyard however dates back much further than the property. Its existence is attested to in the XIII century by the presence of monks from the religious community of the Abbey of Isle. Indeed it is probable that the vineyard has existed since the 1st century, introduced by the Romans, as indicated by the ruins of a Gallo-Roman villa.

History : Loudenne Today

Château Loudenne, a symbol of glamour and modernity

Loudenne is still, and perhaps even above all, a certain idea of “l’art de vivre” and refinement. The very essence even of glamour and originality . . . a reflection of the rose colour that adorns the exterior walls of the chartreuse . . . or the art deco dining room decorated with Baccarat crystal and the old English charm of its bedrooms . . . How many prestigious guests have been welcomed within the château’s rooms? Among them, stars of the silver screen, French and international, authors, but also the greats of this world.

We say that history is a perpetual new beginning. . . nowadays co-owned by MOUTAI, the leading spirits group in China, and by CAMUS, the largest independently family owned Cognac house, Loudenne has renewed with its glorious past and has today returned to the splendour of its yesteryear.

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