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How to look after your beard

How to look after your beard

Many of the gentlemen who visited Loudenne during the twenties wore a mustache. Nowadays it is the beard which is chic and trendy under one condition though … that the beard is well groomed.


Rule no. 1 : An elegant beard is above all a well-trimmed beard. Indeed, if the shape is not perfectly balanced or the contours not well defined, the whole look may not be as good as expected. Of course you can choose to take care of it yourself. You also have the possibility to go to the barbers’ – a profession which almost died out a few years ago but is today flourishing again in our city centers.


Rule no. 2 : To keep a beard silky, there are a few habits to adopt. To begin with shampoo it twice a week, using a special beard shampoo and not your regular hair shampoo. It will soften your beard and cleanse it from everyday occurences such as pollution. As for the face, wash your beard gently and tap it dry, avoiding any vigorous rubbing and then finish with a hairdryer.


Rule no. 3 : It is also important to brush your beard. Never brush it when it’s wet, otherwise this will literally break the hairs. Once your beard is thoroughly dry, you can brush, it, ideally using a keratin hair brush. This can be done  on a daily basis, the first time carefully, the second time vigorously. You can also use a special beard brush made from wild boar hair.


Rule no. 4 :  Next comes the moisturization:  it is best is to use a special barber oil which should not be too rich, otherwise your beard will shine. This oil will deeply moisturize your beard hair and make it soft, whatever your beard type.



For those who have curly beard hair, it is important to smooth the hair to get a nice, well-structured and soft beard. A dedicated device is available for this purpose, and a beard trimmer is a also a must-have.