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Three centuries of elegant and glamour wines

“I still remember that summer’s day when I caught sight of the distinctive silhouette of Château Loudenne rising above the lush countryside, a true rosebud among the vineyards. I remember that feeling, tinged with emotion, of pushing open the doors to this château and its Prestigious past for the very first time. I still have images in my mind of those lavish parties, so elegant and glamorous… I remember…”

The key to Loudenne is first and foremost its remarkable geographical location in the heart of the Médoc region and on the edge of the Gironde estuary. This 17th-century château is one of the few winemaking properties to have its own private dock. And from the moment you disembark onto the 326-acre property, you cannot help but be swept away by the beauty and magic of its magnificent grounds.

A few steps inside the halls of the château were indeed enough for me to understand that nothing here is ordinary, that everything here is a little different. Perhaps more refined and enigmatic. Like the English roses that have bloomed in the garden for hundreds of years, and whose scent still perfumes my memories.

The Estate : a place full of life and elegance

Loudenne also has a fine history that spans over 300 years. Its illustrious past owes much to two British wine merchants, Alfred and Walter Gilbey. In 1875, these two lovers of life and of “the finer things” decided to make the property their home residence. Over 125 years, they built up the reputation of the vineyard and turned Loudenne into a place full of life and of unparalleled receptions.

People loved to come to eat, party, and dance to the rhythm of the Charleston, foxtrot, jazz or waltz in its romantic and free atmosphere. And even today, all you have to do is close your eyes to imagine the halls of the château as they were in years gone by. Luxurious lace, silky satin, feathers and parasols for the women; made-to-measure suits, hats and handsome cars for the men. Elegance is an art form that Loudenne has always cultivated with a passion.

Château Loudenne, a symbol of glamour and modernity

Because, perhaps above all, Loudenne still represents a certain kind of elegance and way of life. The very essence of glamour and originality, like the rose-colored blush of the château’s outer wall. How many stolen kisses were exchanged within its vineyards? How many distinguished guests were welcomed in the château’s rooms? They include French and international movie stars and writers, but also some of the world’s leading figures.

They say that history tends to repeat itself... Now co-owned by Moutai, the number one Chinese liquor company, and Camus, the largest family-owned and independent cognac producer, Loudenne has reclaimed its distinguished history and recreated its past splendor.