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Master the art of giving flowers

Master the art of giving flowers

The Loudenne estate is also known for its magnificent and rare English rose collection, which decorates the garden… On this particular subject, here are some basic rules to follow when you want to give flowers.


Giving flowers is always an elegant act of kindness. However, be sure to do it right and choose the right kind of flowers to avoid any blunders and send the wrong message…!

First of all, and contrary to popular belief, as a guest, we never come to fancy gathering with flowers. Why not? Because your host will already be very busy taking care of the guests, and can’t take the time to look for a vase. It is best to organize flowers to be delivered the day before the gathering or the day after.

Next comes the choice of flowers. The first basic rule is to never to offer red roses to a young lady (it is the symbol of passion) apart from your wife or fiancée. However, a husband-to-be can offer his future bride some red flowers without roses. Moreover, as you may know, flowers have a meaning. For example, dahlias express thanks, orchids refinement or wisteria friendship but colors also have their importance. Orange represents joy and beauty, white is synonymous with purity, comfort and refinement, blue conveys inaccessibility, etc. If you have a doubt or don’t speak this language, prefer the sobriety of pale colors and pastel shades. Regarding quantity, it is customary always to offer flowers with an odd number for purely esthetic reasons when you have a bouquet composed of less than twelve flowers. If you have more, you can have an even number of flowers in your bouquet.



It is important to note that there are two types of flowers that should never be offered: White carnations synonymous with bad luck and chrysanthemums, which are associated with mourning in France.