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Tours and Workshops

Tours and Workshops: Discover Loudenne

Loudenne is a 326-acre estate with marvelous gardens that are ripe for discovery. It is a magical setting and a home imbued with history… It is unique cellars and traditional winemaking methods… It is, most of all, red and white wines with distinctive character. A land of freedom and of excellence, Loudenne is a place that is talked about, experienced, and shared. This is what we’re offering you here with tours and workshops that will allow you to experience all of Loudenne’s magic.


Experience firsthand the art de vivre and romance of Loudenne… Listen to the murmur of the Gironde… Smell the perfume of the garden’s roses… Savor our estate wines, crafted with care and dedication… You will be taken on a journey of the senses as you visit the property. With both private and public options, this stroll will lead you on a discovery of the glorious history of Loudenne, its private dock, and its vineyards.

If you like, stay a little longer for a tasting of our estate wines. A tasting is the perfect opportunity to appreciate the quality of our distinctive wines.


After a tour of our 326 acres of grapes, most of which were planted over 40 years ago, you will discover the historic architecture of our cellars, which were built in the 19th century. You will have the chance to taste Loudenne’s different wines.
Throughout the year, Loudenne invites you to experience daily life on the estate and in the vineyards through its themed workshops. These wine country visits, which are organized both for the public and for business meetings, help participants better understand the work that the men and women at Loudenne do and share the passion that drives them. Accessible to both knowledgeable connoisseurs and novices alike, our tours will plunge you into the heart of the Loudenne wine-making process. Workshops organized exclusively for groups and by appointment.